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Never turn your back to the Moana

By Predomalpha

As hard as it is (Because of all the interesting critters), it is a great idea to check the ocean every now and then to see if the waves have increased or decreased in size and to check for roge waves. I had a scary reminder at Muriwai.


On the Sandy area of the second beach across from the Australasian Gannet colony, I was interested in some Austrolittorina cincta on a pebble and within a few minutes of not checking the ocean, I turned around to see and smal wave coming, so I ignored it and let it brush past my legs, then another small one came before it could go all the way out and by now I was up to my knee in water, so I decided to start wading my way back to the boulders rising meters above the sand. Of course, another small wave arrived and did little to harm me, so I slowed down feeling somewhat safer and as the water began to return, a bigger than usual wave arrived putting me in cold water nearly up to my shoulders, and it slammed into the rocks meters away from me. I did not get hurt, but it was a unfriendly reminder of precaution, especially on West Coast beaches with large waves.

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Thanks for sharing... really important for all our seashore explorers to be reminded of the force of the waves. Remember a cubic metre of water weighs over a tonne!

By Sally

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