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Fat pink worm

By Jan

We found 2 fat pink worms in rock pools at low tide. Have often been to this spot in Ahuriri, Napier before and this was the first time we had found them. They were about the size of my ring finger, finely speckled in small white dots and with about 3 definite lines visible inside them as if you could see inside to the gut. They were very soft and squidgy. They appeared to move forward and 'search' with one tip almost as if they were sucking. At the other end the shape sometimes appeared to be like the end of a lemon. Sorry no photo available. Any ID suggestions would be appreciated.

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Interesting... sound like it could be a burrowing sea cucumber (Taeniogyrus dunedinensis). They are quite transparent...with 5 longitudinal muscles and small tentacles that use to collect food, then put them into the mouth to lick clean.


Photo and further information in the Collins Guide to the New Zealand Seashore by Carson and Morris.

By Sally

I agree with with Sally, Taenigioryrus dunedinensis is most likely the ID, without a photo I wont go further.

By Predomalpha

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