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Help us look after Aotearoa New Zealand's unique seashore. The information you gather through Marine Metre² provides vital understanding around how we can care for your local seashore to ensure it's here for future generations.

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Monitoring your local seashore is easy!

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  • Do a seashore survey

    Head out to explore your local seashore and complete a survey. You can find instructions and plenty of other helpful resources here.

  • Share your findings

    Log in to your Marine Metre² account and record your findings in our database so you and others can use the data in the future.

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Join the people, community groups and schools across Aotearoa already taking part in Marine Metre².

Marine Metre²

Established in 2013, the Marine Metre² (Mm²) project was developed by the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre, University of Otago, to encourage communities to get involved in monitoring and protecting the seashore and the many species which call it home.

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Connecting communities with NZ’s seashore

By raising awareness of the unique biodiversity and vital role the seashore plays linking land and sea, Marine Metre² helps communities understand changes in their marine environment and what we can do to care for it.

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Events & Workshops

Workshops are a great way to learn about Marine Metre² and connect with others interested in the marine environment!

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