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Terms of Use

The Marine Metre Squared (Mm2) website, mm2.net.nz, is a citizen-science project and is owned and managed by the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre, University of Otago.

These terms of use apply to the entire contents of the Mm2 website. By viewing and using the website you will be deemed to agree to these terms which may be updated from time to time.

1. Copyright

Except where otherwise stated, all material – text, images and data – on this website are available for re-use and are licensed under the New Zealand Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial–ShareAlike license.

You may reproduce materials on this website for non-commercial use, either in part of in full, with suitable acknowledgement of the Mm2 project and website.

Where applicable, contributions such as photographs, text and data, should be credited to the original owner as well as the Mm2 project.


2. Contributors

By agreeing to the terms and conditions you allow the NZ Marine Studies Centre and Mm2 project to use the survey data, blog posts and photographs you upload for the purposes of research and any publications or reports that may arise from that research. However, you still own the data and original photographs and may also use them in any way you wish.

You agree that the NZMSC may reproduce the information or images and that they may be used for statistics, reference, reports or educational use, and to promote the project, in print and on the website.

You also confirm that the data and photographs you upload are yours, or that you have the permission of the owner(s) to upload them and that they understand the terms and conditions of the project. In the case of photographs of people, it is important that identifiable adults or parents or guardians of identifiable in the photographs agree to the images being used for this purpose. It is your responsibility to ensure they agree to their use. The success of the Mm2 project depends on you entering data that is correct to the best of your knowledge.


3. Privacy

This is a citizen science project and the purpose is that findings are shared and discussed. Information about your surveys and discoveries may be accessed by anyone using the website.

When you join the Mm2 project you must enter an email address which will be used for your log-in.

We request some personal details so we can communicate with you – for example if you forget your password or we need to query an entry – and to know who is contributing to the project. We will not knowingly release your email address to any third party for commercial purposes, butgeneral data about participants may be used for our reports and statistics.

You will also be asked to create a screen name. We strongly suggest you do not use your email address for this purpose as your screen name is your public identity and will be displayed on the website when you enter data, post photographs and join a discussion.

Browser Cookies are used by this website to monitor site usage and authenticate you. You may manually disable cookies at any time – check your browser’s “Help” – but you will not be able log into the website.


4. University Ethics Policy

This project has been approved by the University of Otago’s Ethics Committee.


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