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Marine Metre² In The Classroom

Bringing the seashore to the classroom is easy! Marine Metre² has a suite of educational programmes and resources designed to get students engaged with key learning outcomes at every level.

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The science learning area in the NZ curriculum promotes the idea of developing citizenship capabilities. Students (citizens) need to be ready, willing and able to use their science knowledge. Five basic capabilities that could contribute to a functional knowledge of science have been identified from Nature of Science (NOS) research. Students participating in the Marine Metre² project will have the opportunity to experience all five of the Science capabilities to varying degrees based on their year level. We have produced resources to help you link Marine Metre² to your curriculum.

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Need Equipment?

There are several places across the country where you can borrow the equipment required to do a Marine Metre² survey. Check out our contact list to see if there is a place near you.