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Young Ocean Explorers - 21 Day Ocean Challenge

With 21 interactive learning plans, this integrated curriculum teaching resource has everything you need to engage your students with the ocean and the life in it! Term 1 2024 is focused on New Zealand’s first marine park – the Hauraki Gulf.

  • 26 Feb 2024
For Teachers
What Is The 21 Day Challenge?

Young Ocean Explorers is on a mission to inspire kids to love the ocean, through entertaining education. To date, their 21-day challenge has engaged tamariki in over 2,500 classrooms across Aotearoa through an integrated curriculum teaching resource that links to the New Zealand Curriculum at levels 1–4, but can be adapted for use at various levels. In Term 1 2024 the focus is on New Zealand’s first marine park, the Hauraki Gulf / Tīkapa Moana Te Moananui-ā-Toi.


What To Expect?
  • 21 lesson plans for you to choose from including a Marine Metre² activity, to take the planning work out of Term 1.
  • Highly engaged students, with lessons focussed around the beautiful creatures of the Gulf, their habitat, the issues facing our ocean, stories of people who are making a difference and much more!
  • The ability for you to do one or all the lessons! Each lesson will need about 60 mins – kaiako (teachers) can pick and choose to suit the time available, and there are many ideas for extension to delve deeper. Each lesson can be integrated across curriculum areas.
  • Students participating in the daily plastic pick-up challenge, with the ability to track how they are going against classes across the country


Overall Aims And Objectives
  • To encourage an increased knowledge of Aotearoa’s precious waterways – moana, awa, roto (ocean, rivers, lakes) and how they are linked.
  • To build an understanding of the importance of these waterways to many people in various ways, and the importance for the creatures that live in and around those waterways.
  • To think about kaitiakitanga and caring for our local environment.


Planning done for you

This guided inquiry walks you through the process step by step – you can follow the plan or pick and choose the bits that suit you and your tamariki. This year there will be a student site so that those with devices can self-direct their learning if you work that way. There will be 3 differentiated learning paths so that students (or kaiako/teachers) can choose the level that suits them.

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